Thursday, December 27, 2007


The(VSA)Venice Surf and Skateboard was formed officialy in 2000 as the infamous Venice Pavilion was destroyed by the city of L.A. It is headed by Venice Surf-A-Thon founder Ger-I(Jerry)Lewis.

The VSA's main focus is to bring a world class skatepark to Venice,Ca. The presevation and historical recgonition of the indiginious sport/art of skateboarding and the Venice skateboard/surfing community's contribution to the world of skateboarding and surfing. In addition, the VSA has focused on providing job training and jobs forthe community.

Futhermore the VSA has provided surfing and skateboarding contest and demonstrations throughout the Los Angeles and greater Southern California region. Membership is open to all persons reguardless of race,creed, religion, sex and or nationality.

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