Saturday, May 29, 2010

VSA documents

In response to the libel published on FB by ”Rectangle" For 25 years I have been slandered and threatened by Rectangle and group that follows this fellow. I have never done anything to these people other than provide a convenient target for them to vent their frustrations of inadequacies and until today turned the other cheek to their hatred. However the libel I cannot stand for. I never stole anything from VSA, Jesse Martinez or Tony Converse as a matter of record, I owned VSA lock stock and barrel until recently wheres I donated it to the Non Profit group.I owned it because no one else would take the responsibility involved. Liability, taxes etc. Pay close attention to "Sole proprietorship"

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Hello all and goodby all. I have resigned from VSA. It has been a great ten years.The sk8park is built and VSA has gone none profit. I will leave this up blogfor posterity. Ger-I