Monday, October 6, 2008

!5th Annual Venice Surf-A-Thon

Once again the Surf-A-Thon was on.
> Rising at 4:30 I prepared for the contest loading up the car
> and hoping for decent surf(As the surf report had been
> dismal).At sunrise two rainbows and flat surf greeted Tall D
> and I.Slowly the usual and new comers filtered in and by
> 8:00am the groms were out in the water jostling for waves.
> The lack of surf did not stop the surfers from coming out to
> enjoy friendly spirited competition and the Men's
> longboard division was hotly contested. The numbers are as
> follows:Total Surfers-46 Men-3o, Women-10, Others-6.Results
> are as follows:Men's Longboard- 1st Brock Landlocke 2nd
> Tonan Ruiz 3rd John John Ramirez.
Girls S.B 1st Samantha, 2nd
> Stephanie 3rd Dolly Parton (Pearlas'sister). Girls L.B
> 1st Brooke Wavey,2nd Paloma Perez, 3rd Baily.Groms
> (14&Under) 1st D.Juiner 2nd Danny Coty 3rd Cameron
> Packhem. Masters 1st Jimmy V 2nd Tonan Ruiz 3rd D.Lion
> Men's.1st (Japan) Haiya-kun 2nd (Germany)Meister Brau
> Willheim Toten Frauunfigger 3rd(USA) Sgt. Slaughter

If any> one has seen mystery girl Samantha,(Beach enrty surfed won
> and dissapeared) I have her trophy as well as Dolly's
> and Haiya-kun's). The after party was successfull as
> well as about 175-200 folks showed up to exhalt this years
> victors claim their trophy and reign in glory. From my
> perspective O.G Venice Beowulf set was the highlight of the
> entertainment. Shout out-Rumble's guest apperance as he
> joined me on stage for a number.P.F.L ripped out cover punk
> rock.Thnx to DJ JoQ. Special Thnx to Frontside Grind, Venice
> Paparazi,C.Bonner for his hard work on the killer t-shirt
> art, Stage Manager Amy,BMFS,Mayorga Familia,Pat and John
> John for setting the Yuppies straight, the
> Judges,tabulator,runners and helpers,the surfers,the
> bands,the sponsors. I would like to welcome Maui and Sons
> and Roaring Lion to the VSA/Surf-A-Thon as well as thank
> longtime
> sponsors 15 years! SMA,Lost, Sector9, Dogtown.10 years
> Abbots Habit,Interiors Made Eezzy, BDS,Windward Farms
> (5yearsSkater Made, Cove.Next VSA sk8 contest is at Gilbert
> Lindsay sk8park Eastside L.A on Nov 29th. In service Ger-I

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