Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dedication Day.

Ok everyone the day you have been waiting for is Oct 3rd 2009. The "Dennis Polar Bear" Agnew Memorial Sk8 park will open to you! Enjoy! Many thanks to all that have made this dream a reality.There is still much work to do and in fact the hard part of the project has just begun. The VSA was not only established to build a skatepark but to represent and protect the rights of the surf and sk8 community. The VSA has been in operation for almost 15 years officially however not many jumped at the chance to help us and to those companies and individuals who have been down with our cause I thank you, 16 years Sector 9,
SMA, Lost, Venice Breakwater,Dogtown,BMFS,1978,Abbots Habit and Fresh Jive 10 years BDS,Juice Magazine, Skatermade and Windward Farms.Furthermore truly amazing is all the kooks that have contacted VSA in recent weeks, making claims,demands and soliciting VSA. Look, you all know me and my dedication to core surfing sk8n, and the uplifting of our community as well as the VSA Board members. I'm sorry if you feel I have been rude or abrasive and blunt with you, if this has been the case. That being said where were you 10 years ago when we were in San Diego fighting for a sk8prk instead of an ice skating rink the city had been planning? Where were you when Jesse M. made an unscheduled, unannounced L.A City meeting that was planned to thwart VSA efforts in bringing the plan before the California Coastal Commission? We are proud and committed to the Venice Sk8/Surf heritage and our roots.Legitimacy is something that is earned and not bought. In service, Ger-I VSA

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