Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Body Count!

Hello all and thank you for the fantastic turn out on OCT 3rd. VSA is really stoked to welcome all the new personal members as well as the core supporters and volunteers. Getting the park open was only one mission of the VSA and now the real difficult task of maintaining the integrity, cleanliness and safety of the sk8prk has begun. VSA volunteers have staffed the sk8prk with trained volunteers with expertise in the administration of skateparks. In addition the VSA is assisting L.A City Recreation and Parks with the removal of sand and grounds maintenance of the area. Furthermore VSA members have participated in training with L.A County & L.A City Fire, and (already) one evacuation of skater from the street course. With L.A County Fire. Here are some numbers to numb your brain, In 3 days we have had 4000 visitors to the sk8prk! As soon as the sun rises there are sk8rs ready to roll and @ 6:00 there were 10 sk8rs ready to drop in. Accidents and injuries include: broken collar bone, separated shoulder, broken pelvis, broken ankle, knee laceration, chin laceration, VSA members assisted in the first aid of 3 of the accidents. Attention VSA needs your support and volunteerism! We need volunteers that are willing to become trained in Red Cross CPR and First Aid and posses an understanding of skatepark operation and youth culture. If you can volunteer for a 2-hour shift your help will go a long way. VSA also need flashlights, batteries, sleeping bags, space heater etc for the volunteer night watch. Please respect the park respect Murray and Doug's killer Venice PB mural on the silo. The sk8park needs YOU!

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Luiz Calado said...

Props and much respect for all the VSA crew for an awesome grand opening.

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