Sunday, November 8, 2009

Venice, L.A belong to us!

LAPD's policy on the VSA's Community Watch of The Venice Sk8prk is unfair,unproductive and anti social. Jesse myself and other volunteers clean gaffitti, tagging, trash and other crap out of the skate-park every morning, It is clear the LAPD cannot or will not secure the sk8prk against vandleism.The LAPD evicted the VSA from observing/watching the park against this type of action but allow homeless vagrants every night to misuse the sk8park and surrounding area. Let us examine a peculiar quandry.Why do the police ask citizens to be responsible and be pro-active on their official web sites(neighborhood watch) and policy, when in fact LAPD has prohibited the activity? Why are productive citizens being discouraged from participating in protecting and beautifying our community? (as this is a constant request of government). We are in the midst of a great depression if you somehow were caught unaware. The community despreatly needs investment from within as well as from established resources.If we are prohibited as citizens and a community from striving to become self sufficiant and provide the community proper guidance, instruction, care and be a "Shinning Light on the Hill" to others we are doomed to destruction. "Get up, Stand up, Stand up for your rights"-Bob Marley

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Ellen November said...

Agreed it does not seem to make any sense. I took some photos of skaters at the park on Sunday. If you want to post them email me at and I will provide them to you.