Monday, January 11, 2010

Unionize Venice Skate Plaza!

Hey Sk8R, film companies are exploiting you!! I have noticed this scenario time and again at Venice Skate Plaza and have seen enough of the exploitation. Film company XYZ pulls a permit to shoot at Venice Skate Plaza, they crew are all Screen Actors Guild members (SAG) yet they production crew gets a kid to skate for free for their production! This smacks of exploitation of child labor! It is time to unionize and get any skater skating in a film production a working wage scale. Hell, not even stunt men can do what these kids are doing on the wink and a promise that "They will be in a commercial or film and isn't that cool" This will only work if all skaters agree and stick to their guns.Don't sell out your brother skater, stand firm and demand a decent wage for your talents! UNIONIZE!!REALIZE UNIONIZE!

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