Monday, June 29, 2009

Equal opportunity.

To begin, Venice has various activities to take part in among them weight lifting, basketball, handball and roller skating. Each of these activities has a designated area to take part in said activity. L.A City Rec & Parks Dept has continued to ignore the needs of skateboarders and/or communicate with the VSA when a special event permit is issued for an event such as the Ecofest, film permit etc.Specifically, the above mentioned activities were afforded space(note barricade on B.Ball courts) so that their activities could continue without interruption. However skateboarders had their entire area rented out to the Ecofest event effectively closing the area to any skateboarding.Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident and has been a regular occurrence despite many letters and personal objection and complaints from the VSA demanding equal and fair treatment. Furthermore despite the fact the L.A City Rec & Parks Dept had absolutely no interest in the skatepark and did nothing to help secure the park and or funding for the sk8park, the Dept is head over heals in attempting to subvert and sell out VSA's efforts to ensure sk8boarding remains part of Venice culture. This being the case, the VSA will no longer stand by as the Rec & Parks sells sk8boarding out and we demand fair and equal treatment.

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sk8face said...

I rolled through the Eco Fest and was pissed when I got to the skatepark and saw that it was completely covered with tents. Total bullshit. Their is soooo much room by the beach they could have used but still they had to ignore the skatepark and let the Eco fest pollute on my fun. The good news is that those days are almost over and the real park is gonna be insane!