Monday, July 27, 2009

VSA News/ 7/26

Hello, I cut and pasted this from a web page- The Supergirl Jam kicks off {Labor Day weekend when, on September 6, the Snowboard Rail Jam and Skateboard Street elements of the Supergirl Jam will hit Venice Beach in conjunction with the opening of Venice's new beachside skatepark. The skateboarders will be the first to compete in Venice's brand new skatepark, christening the unique course with their skill and finesse. Some of the top skaters expected to compete include Vanessa Torres (Anaheim, CA), Elissa Steamer (Fort Myers, FL) and Amy Caron (Huntington Beach, CA). The Supergirl Jam will also feature a demo by some of the world's best inline skaters competing for a $2,000 prize for best trick.Just steps away from "muscle beach," the snowboarders will take on the challenge of conquering a massive snow mountain with more than 80,000 pounds of snow on the beach in the coolest rail-jam competition of the year. Top female snowboarders are set to compete including Supergirl Ambassador Chanelle Sladics (Newport Beach, CA) and Raewyn Reid (Calgary, Alberta"}.

Let it be known that the members of the VSA will not tolerate this event or any others that have not been approved by VSA. The VSA is the sole community organization DIRECTLY responsible for the creation of the skatepark. We will not allow L.A City Recreation and Parks to upsurp the VSA's efforts and or steal the VSA's RIGHT to celebrate organize and produce the Grand Opening of the Dennis Agnew Memorial Skatepark, Futhermore the VSA has reached out many times to L.A City Recreation and Parks to establish some type of repor however the VSA has only been given the cold shoulder. It is aparent that Recreation and Parks is coniving and scheming as all the depart sees is $ signs. L.A City Dept of Recreation should be ashamed of themselves. It is truly unfortunate that the Department of Recreation and Parks has choosen to snub the VSA and angry at being ignored by Dept of Rec and Parks who did absolutly nothing to get the park built and have absolutly no experience in running a skatepark and or program.
We as citizens are fed up with being stolen from by government
beurucracy.For over 20 years the VSA has lobbied and clammored for the skatepark.Futhermore The VSA has created a
way to employ youth and provde youth programing for the greater L.A community as the City of L.A is laying off
and furlowing workers and we WILL NOT be recognition denied our hard work. .
Sincerely, Ger-I Venice Surf And Skateboard Asssociation

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